Keeping a Healthy Heart and Improving Your Vascular Health with MVS

February serves as a reminder to prioritize our heart health, as it marks American Heart Month. This annual observance, established in 1963, aims to raise awareness and encourage collective efforts to fight heart disease.

Heart disease is commonly associated with conditions like arteriosclerosis and atherosclerosis, which result in damage to the arterial walls. This damage, however, extends beyond the heart and impacts other parts of the body as well, as every aspect of our anatomy requires a proper flow of nourishing blood.

A Simple Life-Saving Exam:
Arteries are the vessels responsible for transporting oxygen-rich blood throughout the body. When plaque and cholesterol accumulate inside these arteries, it can reduce the flow of blood to various organs and parts of the body. Coronary heart disease is well-known, but an arterial blockage can occur in any artery, including those in the brain, arms, legs, and abdomen.

Don’t miss the Living Local DMV episode featuring Jodi Zannino from Maryland Vascular Specialists, where she discusses the importance of vascular screenings. Click the link below to watch the show, and make sure to book your screening today!



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