Maryland Vascular Specialists’ Commitment to Patient Care with SVU Membership

Maryland Vascular Specialists’ Vascular Labs are an Intersocietal Accreditation Commission (IAC) accredited facility. Our commitment to patient care and outcomes are prevalent with our professional audits to insure we are offering our patients the utmost advanced and high level of care.

“Most recently, MVS is now a SVU Signature Lab which shows how dedicated we all are to our professional development. SVU is dedicated to advancing the field of vascular ultrasound. Basically, we have access to all up-to-date continuing medical education credits in the journals with several Webinars, all covering the latest in technology and protocols for all of the Vascular Ultrasounds that we perform here at Maryland Vascular Specialists. This membership also allows us to collaborate with other Vascular specialties around the world with their Vascular Blog. Many experts around the world can share thoughts, knowledge, and articles or protocols. This shows our patient’s get the BEST and most current service with the most knowledgeable Registered Vascular Technologists (RVTs) along with their teams of Medical Doctors.” Jodi Zannino, RVT with Maryland Vascular Specialists.

To learn more about the Society of Vascular Ultrasound (SVU) please visit them online (click here).

At MVS, we have sixteen vascular labs for diagnostic testing.  All of our Registered Vascular Technologists have an accumulated 160 years experience in vascular testing. We offer ultrasounds and screenings related to every vein and/or artery in the body using the most advanced medical imaging equipment.

Each of our laboratories has state-of-the-art ultrasound imaging equipment to aid in getting precise images for accurate analysis and diagnosis.

Platinum Level SVU Members with Maryland Vascular Specialists:

Dr. Samer Saiedy
Dr. Paul Zemankiewicz
Dr. William Su
Dr. Rajesh Raikar
Dr. David Coll
Jeffery Redenbaugh, PA-C & RVT
Jodi Zannino, RVT
Yelena Sigalov, RVT
Matthew Downey, RVT
Matthew Startzel, RVT
Mary Yokemick, RVT
Kylie Asmar, RVT
Sarah Pritchard, RVT
Karen Isoldi, RVT
Brandon Nixon, RVT
Tiffany Bowen, RVT
Jenna Wilhelm, RVT
Jennifer Collins, RVT
Donna Pylie, RVT
Evan Poppe, RVT